So I hate spending money on boutique pedals and then find that they pop with I press the switch. Would placing a buffer at the beginning and end of my pedals stop this?
Nope. I've got buffers at both ends of my chain and all my true bypass pedals still pop, except my Swollen Pickle, which makes no sense because it's relay bypassed and should pop. As far as I know, the pop is unavoidable.
Why not just put a NFET from the signal chain to ground and have it ground the signal path before switch is opened? Then when you normally play, the NFET is open and doesn't affect the signal quality?
Not really. It sounds like simple switching noise to me. There are some tricks like putting a >10M resistor across the contacts so they never go fully open circuit. That works well sometimes, depends on the impedance of the devices it's connected too. Sounds a tad poorly designed, they should have picked that issue up during testing.
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Could well work. It'll have to be timed very, very precisely, though, or you'll get the same problem the first Peavey Valveking had--it'll mute for an audible length of time when you switch channels.
EDIT: that was directed at Farmosh.