Hey UG regulars,

Following the exciting "UG Plus: The Evolution of Icons " article from UG staff, here comes the official UG Plus Icons forum thread!

Check out the article and come back here to vote for the best icons and show us your own UG style. You’re encouraged to submit your own works of genius to this forum thread, using any style that you see fit: classic, modern, or downright otherworldly.

Every submission will be reviewed thoroughly and in the end will help us take another huge leap closer to what we’ve all been waiting for: the launch of UG Plus. So pull up your favorite editing software and make some visual magic that would make Picasso cry tears of joy.

Can it not just be kept the same?
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Don't know what's going on here, but I jsut have to say "nb4somethingorother"

After reading the article, I didn't find that exciting at all. You just made them all pretty much the same style.
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Great, just what the Pit needs... another shoop thread >_>

Just kidding, but I think them icons look good as they are and I cant wait for UG plus
Spin round carousel
When your horse isn't screwed in

cool, ill play around and maybe submit later.
now extra flamey
UG wants me to give them free designs to use?
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I don't know, I like the original design of (Left in the article) the 'Ad free' tab.
The Backing track icon looks a lot like the Itunes icon, so you might have to change the colour.
And the Tab Pro icon is pretty good already
Whenever I hear the word "plus", I have a feeling I'm going to be made to pay for features which are already obtainable elsewhere. And did you seriously have to make a thread about icons?
I prefer the second version as seen in the article more than the final one.
Sunn O)))
Modest Mouse
Electric Wizard
Mammoth Grinder

Lucid Dreaming Thread
i whipped up a few of my own. you could say im a bit of a photoshop master.

ad free:

backing tracks:

tab pro:
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Remember through smells
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^i was going for that rugged, 90s grunge look.
Remember through sounds
Remember through smells
Remember through colors
Remember through towns
-Modest Mouse, "Novocaine Stain"
@ Ichikurosaki yea , I tried to make it look like a face ....
I'll try something else and post an update

They're fine IMO.
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UG plus is ad free?

Cool man, that's a really good incentive for bakas who dunno what *program that seeks to display webpages without ads* is

careful now
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