okayy ive been playing for almost a year now but just recently started taking "formal" lessons for the first time. how long is it before, we acutally get to playing real stuff, cuz i no the scales already
I'm self taught, but I do teach my friends. So, I'd just explain what you know and see what your teacher says.
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Thats something that you should really talk to your teacher about... if your teacher has a "just do what I say" attitude, find a different teacher. He/She should help you achieve YOUR goals and the things that you want to learn... granted.... with the best structure possible and that might be with the scales thru out the fretboard.

Best advice, ask your teacher the questions you want answered. good luck!
yaa i pretty much taught my self but i decided to take lessons to try to get to learn more techniques. but if tht means just playing scales, idk
Thats between you and your instructor. Nobody can teach anything, the best they can hope to do, is show you what they know. Its up to you if you want to learn it or not.

I've found that the student usually directs, what the instructor will show them. If you have something you want to know, ask. If there is a certin technique or style you want to know, ask them to show you how they play it. And I'm willing to bet your instructor will be more than happy to show you, anything you want!
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