basicly i was playing, put it down for a sec then it fell over and bashed against my dresser,
there was no scratch or dent so i thought it was fine, until i started to play
it agian and the A and D strings start buzzing when there played open
so then i look at the neck and see this

it looks like the head splintered off from the fretboard so now the frets are way closer to the strings causing the buzzing,
only thing is i dont know what to do now that ive found the problem,
i thought of just ignoring it and adjusting the action
but that might screw up everything else,

i dont really know what to do here
do i have to get a new neck now?
can this one be fixed?
its still under warranty i think sense i only got it in october

im sooo pissed about this had a band practise 20mins b4 it happened to
and i dont have a backup guitar ether

suggestions would help a tonnnn
A warranty only protects you against something caused by the manufacturer. Dropping a guitar is not covered by a warranty. As already suggested, glue and clamp it. In the future, always place your guitar in an appropriate stand, to prevent accidents.
does the glue have to be inside the crack or just on the edges
because i think i would have a hard time getting the glue in there
the cracks like minuscule
The glue has to go in the crack, if you have an air compressor, turn the pressure down, put some glue on and blow it in the crack then clamp it down.
If there's no sctratches or dents to give away that the guitar suffered from a drop you might be able to get away with using the warranty. Wood warps and junk all the time, I'd say try the warranty first before messing with it personally. But even if the warranty falls through it's still an easy glue and clamp fix.
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