How can I improve my legato stuff. =P
can you show me some good exercises or songs.

P.S: Beginner level legato.... heheh... I suck that much at this.
I used to be terrible at legato like half a year ago, now it´s what i do best.

Simple stuff helps alot, i took a kitchen timer and set it to 5 minutes.

Then in those five minutes i played through first position of the major scale non-stop up and down. As fast as i could play it PERFECTLY.

I did this five minute method in other ways to, ex. on 1 string just going 5h7h8p7p5 and repeat. Repetition is the mother of skill.

So simple answear, try practice what your bad at non stop in 5 minute intervals at the max speed you can play it perfectly. I´ve done this with my alternate picking for the past days and it helped tons. Cheers and good luck man!
I always give this excercise, it excercises every combination of fingers for both hammer-ons and pull-offs when cycled. Any string, you can of course move the excercise up or down the neck


Start slowly, with a clean tone. Try to ensure uniformity of volume.
My name is Tom, feel free to use it.
You need strong fingers.

Start of by doing simple excercise like:


Over and over all over the neck and on different strings. Do this using every different finger combination you can so that you can build up strength and indipendance in every finger.

Also do this reversed in pull offs.

then move it onto this


and repeat that in one continous flowing motion. Try it on all the strings, all over the neck, in what ever finger combo seems most logical.

Then move onto bigger excercises, like doing the pentatonic scale all the way up and down again, only using legato. Do this in as many pentatonic shapes as you can.

You can also try some trill excercises all over the neck.

Make sure every single note on every single excercise is exactly the same volume and strength, we dont want any notes sounding weak.

All make sure its a pretty relaxed motion, so straining.

nd finally, start slow, super slow, and let it speed itself up naturally.

Repetition is whats going to get you to your goal this time.

Once your comfetable and consistant you can find loads of great legato licks and excercises on youtube.