Cool though a lot wierd stuff though thats what your going for. I like the guitar solo at 3:36 it was pretty good. I honestly didn't know were the title came from, but out of curiosity i googled it. (I refrain from saying it to let others guess) Nice ideas different from my style, but I still really liked it.
I like trance music, so the super ambient beginning is cool, but I felt it went on too long. Or perhaps add something to it as it goes along so that it builds up the intensity until the drums kick in. I wasn't a fan of the drum and bass tones themselves. The guitar tones on the other hand are pretty "out there" in a totally awesome way. Love it. The solo was crazy awesome, despite a bit weird for my tastes. Excellent, clean picking technique. Nice work!
I found the intro good as it is. (lenght wise) But maybe try making a better transition when the drums come in ? Like, maybe fading out the intro a bit more before it kicks in ?

The bass sounds a bit too loud, and i'm not a big fan of that drum tone. But the guitar sound is great ! The solo then playing over it goes perfectly. From 4:10 to the end it's excellent. Great composition !

C4C ? please check mine when you have some time.

Digging the trance intro, though from a commercial and listener standpoint it could be cut down a little. It got a little boring after a minute or so. Drums and bass work well together, but the bass could have a better sound, like a sawtooth or something? Love the glitchy guitar tones! It gave it a NIN-ish vibe. I could see this pumped out at max volume at a gig, everyone rocking to it. Nice shredding! Loved the BG guitar at 4:00 or so. It gave it a better rock vibe. Nice job, keep it up!

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As stated above, the intro is sort of long. After that though, it was quite enjoyable. The pitch shifting stuff was quite fun to listen to as well as whatever that weird wonky sound (for lack of a better description) was haha. The solo was great, although I again feel like it was drowned out a little bit by the rhythm, which didn't come in so early this time so it didn't sound like as much of a problem. I loved the way you ended the song by quieting down again. Fantastic work.