Poll: Who is your favorite guitarist out these choices?
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Jimi Hendrix
0 0%
Stevie Ray Vaughan
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Robert Johnson
1 100%
Junior Kimbrough
0 0%
Voters: 1.
Videos will be viewed and commented on This is a place where you casn throw your music links up. ::::::::::::UNSIGNED ARTISTS ONLY:::::::::::::: We need a place where we can promote and network, Collaborate, etc. Youtube and facebook and twitter all those are awesome...this will be another outlet. I want to know that my videos are being seen by other people who care about music. I want to give you a place where you will get HONEST feedback everytime you post a clip. With your help we can make this GREAT.....So start posting links.

Remember:::::::::::Music is an exprssion af art and feelings... Be you:::::::::::::::::::::

-------The Ricky Morse-