Holy poop.

Yes, poop.

This sounds reaaally good to me! Well-done Nice leads and a pretty combo of kinda deathcore-ish stuff and.... less deathcore-ish stuff
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Pretty awesome, the low tunings really worked well here and made it heavy as ****.

I agree with Erra93, Bar 10 was the perfect blend of deathcore and metalcore.

Bar 24 was pretty cool because the riffs Guitar 1 were playing kind of gave the deathcore riff a waltzy feel.

The rest is pretty good, but I'm not that much of a fan of deathcore because it's usually too repetative. You did have some variation in the riffs though, which was good.

Loved the chords in bar 80 and on, the riff that comes in bar 89 is also awesome, very melodic.

Overall I'd say it's better than most deathcore out there, so 9/10.

crit mine?
Here's my take:

Bars 1-9:
I like it, especially the little 3/8 twiddly thing. I especially liked how the two guitars were doing entirely different, albeit consonant things, during those first two measures. The right panned guitar gave it a good punchy sound.

Bars 10-19
The rhythm guitars have a major progression. And it works. In deathcore. The lead is a little dull during bar 17. If you play with the run there and smooth over that diminished fifth in there, it sounds a lot better. You don't have to get rid of the dim5, but you can smooth the melody out somewhat.

Bars 20-35
The rhythm here was pretty generic pedal tone stuff until bar 24. The two rhythm parts work well together. The galloping part gives the riff alongside it the right context. The slowed down drums at bar 28 give this riff a breakdown feel, but I think it works a lot better when the drums pick up the pace at bar 32.

Bar 36-43
This gets a little muddy, especially since those powerchords don't start on the down beat. That bugs me, even though it seems to break out of the generic box that a lot of bands manage to get themselves into. The riff is kind of generic once you find the beat, however, so I really don't get why you put the powerchord at the end of the first beat in bar 36 and all the similar bars thereafter.

Bar 44-57
I liked the transition to 4/4. The riff is really similar to the last one, but the drums work a lot better here. They sound reminiscent of something Lars Ulrich might have done in the early days of Metallica. The variation at bar 50 is interesting too; the gallops add a different sound entirely to the riff, which is a good thing, since I've now heard the same idea somewhere around 8 times by this point. The harmonies work here, though they are painfully predictable.

Bar 80-112
The chord melody here sounds similar to Opeth. This is a good thing. It adds a different dimension to the chug-heavy stuff you've shown off so far. The melody is really good here and it works really well at the end. Resolve that last chord into something nice and you have a good ending.

I'll give it a 7/10. The chugging riffs got a little old after a while and they weren't always particularly imaginative. The melody at the end saved this, however, and gave the song a real, good sense of direction when it might have ended in up in badly-advised-breakdown-land.