Can anyone recommend me great free Bass amp sims and bass cap impulses?

I would be very grateful!

Also: Why do I have so much hiss on my recording, I'm using an audio interface, asio drivers and all, what can be the reason of so much hiss
For the hiss part, it's EMI. It's pretty normal. Just try a different cable, or add a noise gate in on that track.
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The studio devil virtual bass amp is a pretty good bass amp sim, oh and almost forgot the Markbass Studio 1
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@oneblackened: thanks fixed it with another cable

@col50: Thanks for the suggestions, but those are both payed, I'd prefer free sims
To be honest you don't even really need an amp sim at all for bass. Unless I distort I just go DI and EQ it to my taste, or LeXTAC guitar amp yellow channel occasionally for a clean bass.