I'm currently looking to buy a fuzz pedal and i'm not sure whether to get an octave fuzz or not.

I'm a huge fan of QOTSA and that's got me leaning towards the Fulltone Ultimate Octave. However I currently own a Whammy pedal which obviously has an octave up so I want to know is there a real advantage of an octave up fuzz compared to an ordinary fuzz combined with an octave pedal?
Bump, no responses. Maybe I didn't word it that well.

So basically is it worth getting the Fulltone Ultimate Octave or would getting another fuzz pedal and combining it with the Whammy sound as good?
It wouldn't necessarily sound 'better' or 'worse', just different. The Whammy+fuzz would have more pronounced, digital, octave up sound while the octafuzz would have a more analogy sound with the octave more pronounced as you go higher up the neck.
indeed. i'd go the fulltone. i built one myself and it does QOTSA pretty darn well.