So, I'm a big fan of Weird Al. Yesterday, a new album was announced:


Regardless of your thoughts on his work, the shoop potential of the album cover is too good to pass up to the inability talent of the Pit.

So, gentlemen, repent, for the alpocalypse is nigh! Here's a capture of the full-size, 1080p of the art. 1440x900 isn't the best for capturing all the details, but it's still higher res than some shoop images I've seen. Example:

More to come, hopefully from the skilled of the Pit's shoopers.

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That looks intense, but it should be called Alpacalypse. D= *can't photoshop but would make all the horses alpacas*
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This thread died. Possibly has potential.
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No potential.

EDIT - There's a reason it died.
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that'd be slightly creepy if i didn't find it so amusing.
Lol.. but..

Is that Paula Deen...? ^ Hahaha.
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