My Laney AOR is proving too problimatic to keep so need something to replace it!

I gig so I need an adequate amount of watts but nothing too much. 50 and below field.

I like my clean to sound full. Not thin/ weak.

I'd prefer a head and a 2x12 cab but is not an issue if not.

I like that 'woody' type overdrive. Powerful and clear sounding.

I obviously want 2 channels

I play things such as Red Hot Chili Peppers and Hendrix.

I have around £400-£500 for this. Second hand is indefinate and can all go on just a head and ill save extra for the cab if needed.

The orange AD30 has caught my eye and if anyone can suggest/ help ill be very grateful!

Thanks, Luke.
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Used AC30? Used JCM 800 2 channel?
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Whats wrong with your AOR?

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I had it serviced because the speaker at high volumes would act as if it had ripped. I changed the speaker and it wasn't the problem. The service helped it but its coming back slightly. It was like a HUGE thunderstorm at its peak.

Also, the channels sometimes switch from one to the other. I noticed this at bandpractice when I didn't take my footswitch with me.

I've probobly spent £200 trying to sort it out when I bought it for £150. Not worth anymore in my eyes now so wanna get something solid that won't crap out on me.

The AC30 could be good! Thanks.

Anyother suggestions?
traynor ycv50b?
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