okay so today in my local music store i saw a STARCASTER j-bass for like $150. i just wanna no if that is a good deal, and if the quality of them are any good. thnx in advance
starcaster is the lowest cheapest range fender do, but don't let me dissuade you, try it, and if you like it, get it

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do u no about the quality of the instrument?
You get what you pay for. Starcasters are not worth it in my opinion unless you're a beginner and aren't sure if you're going to stick with it.

Also, you can probably get a better bass for $150. Look into used basses if you have to.
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I can't speak for the bass, but I've played two Starcaster Strat copies, and they were, without any exaggeration, the worst guitars I've ever touched. I wouldn't have paid $10 for either of them. For $150 you can get any of several pretty good basses, so I suggest you put the Starcasters out of your mind.
Worth looking into: the weird old Japanese basses in eBay's vintage category. Some of those Teiscos and such were pretty dang good.
Starcasters are lower quality control than the basses that come in the starter packs which are affinities... you can get fender starter pack with amp and bass for $200 I think. Theres could be a jewel though, if you try about a thousand and five you're bound to find a half decent one
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alright cool guys. thanks for the heads up. i just wanted to make sure before i paid 150 for a shitty bass
I played a star caster its complete bullshit. Just get a mexican strat. Its a MUCH better deal
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so are they worse than squire model basses?

What's a squire? I have heard of Squiers but not squires.

Sorry had to.

It depends on which Squier series your referring to. Bullet, Affinity, Standard, Classic vibe or Vintage modified?
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try getting yourself an sx bass from rondomusic.com. 150 bucks shipped and worlds better than starcaster. same body and neck woods as genuine fenders decent electronics and hardware and great modding platforms.
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