My brother found it on craigslist an hour away, turns out the guy has an ebay store so they ended up going through paypal i guess? I told him to go through ebay in case anything happened..

But it got here today, and the first thing I noticed was the paint, It had a few small dents in the paint, that I couldnt take a picture of, and there was a chip, where I could see what looked like primer, Im pretty sure they dont use primer on their guitars

Then I noticed how odd the truss rod hole looked, It's really small. The actual hole is the size of the allen wrench I would used for my Squier '51.

The saddles are also weirdly aligned, the picture below shows the low E. notice how the string hole and the middle of the saddle dont align at all.

Last but not least, the pickups, dont look like alnico. Am i wrong? Theyre also quiet compared to my MIM's pups

Someone who knows fender help!

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Looks real from what you showed, do you have a picture of the entire guitar in one shot? Normally the scaling is off if it isnt real
Check serial #

EDIT: also about the saddles, my strat has the same bridge and I'm sure that is a common thing. Doesn't affect tone at all
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the serial number says that its an 02-03

I just dont get the truss rod size though, what size allen wrench do you use for yours?
Truss rod seems to be the same as my 2001 American Standard Strat. I'd say it's probably legit.
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Seems from the bridge that it needs major reconfiguring.
just got get it set up
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That is def. not a 1954, that is early 2000s or late 1990s. Just look at the knobs - font, color and size.
I cant tell if hes serious or not, but I said that the allen wrench i used for my squier was the size of the actual hole on the fender
How the hell can you tell the pickups "don't look like alnico"? Most people I know can't determine the exact composition of an alloy by sight alone, nor to they have x-ray vision to allow them to see things through wood or plastic.
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