I have a really simple setup. I use a GCX system with the following:

1- Boss SG-1
2- Maxon Comp
3- Klon Centuar
4- Fuchs Creme de la Trem
6- Boss CE-1
7- Ibanez FL-9
8- Chandler Echo

Also have a Fender Tube Reverb unit and Fulltone TTE outside the rack.

What are you all using?

How is the ground control system working out for you? Is it worth what you paid? What is the switcher in the rack?
The switcher is the GCX which goes with the ground control.

I friggin love the GCX/Ground Control. It makes things quiet - like dead quiet. Plus if you have valuable pedals they don't get stepped on plus you can do a ton with it - like have two pedals come on, etc....

When I'm on the road I program the set list into it then use the four buttons to switch through verse, chorus, solo, etc... and hit bank up for the next song. The top 8 buttons act like on/off for any of the pedals in case you want to use it as a regular pedal board.

Highly reccomended.
Awesome. That must be an older GCX because the one on their site doesn't look like it.
Yeah it's a DMG one - there is no difference. I have used it for a long time. I replaced the original GC with GCP because it's more durable and the other one started to break.

Plus I have Axe FX and Eleven and this works with those too.
There's already a Pedalboard thread in GG&A - wait for one of the EG Mods to move this.
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