Hi i have a dd-7 and lately ive been playing in a band so i must set the tempo for it. Though i hate how you get into the mode cause you have to hold down the pedal and wait for it to turn green into that mode then set the tempo and then if you want to turn the pedal off you have to hold down the pedal to exit the mode and then hit it again to turn it off. For a jam band this is taking way to long lol. I was reading where you can hook up a external footswitch for the tap tempo. I have two questions.

One can someone give me a list of cheap external footswitches for tapping tempo cause i have no idea of any names to even start looking.

two does anyone that ownes the dd-7 know if by using an external footswitch if you can bypass having to hold it down on the dd-7 to change mode to set tempo?