hey is the tiny terror loud enough for gigging with overdriven tones and distortion , i wont be using cleans and the amp will be miced and mostly gigs will be in clubs and bars max 100 people more likely around 50
It'll get plenty loud enough. As for the Dual Terror being worth your money, play them both and see, everyone's ears are different.
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If it's being miced, that's more than enough. People overestimate how much power they really need in a typical live situation. I know I did. Every time my band plays, I have to pit my Bogner Uberschall against our other guitarist's Marshall combo. D'oh! If you're playing doom/stoner metal or some gritty rock, the Tiny Terror is perfect for that kind of setting.
well, if it's miced, then probably

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cool cus i love both of the amps but dont care for the fat channel and i dont think i need the extra watts and 99% of gigs in my area ared miced so i think ill be fine with the tt and a good 412
if you really mess around with the fat channel, and are playing heavier stuff, i would recommend the dual. i own one and it absolutely kills. i use the fat channel 75% of the time, so for me a TT would be worthless. you really gotta hear the fat channel and tweak it around for a while to really get its max potential.
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