I have been saving my money for a hot sec now and sometime in the next couple months I am going to spring for a new guitar. I was looking at some MIJ Strats/Teles online but am skeptical about buying something before playing it. I was also looking at Hagstroms or a PRS SE. I like to play blues/country/ and rock but I was wondering what yall would go for. Lets here what you think.
The MIJ Strats and Teles are good guitars. You can't really go wrong with a Japanese-made guitar, and Fenders are pretty consistent. Hagstroms and PRS's are nice too. It really matters what kind of sound, look and scale length you prefer. Find your nearest guitar store and mess around with some similar guitars.
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personally i wont get a guitar if i cant play it first, ever. i havent exaclty heard of people having issues with it (likely it'll sound very similar), but i just cant bring myself to do it
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