I wanted to enter my house
but then I realised that I was poor
so I bought donuts instead,
and what an interesting rebuttal it was:
she said “spare us”, unaware that I was single -
an international hit.
Everybody did the chicken dance,
or the bunny dance (they are the same species
around this time of year.) The earth shook
and the messiah rolled in his grave;
a festival fit for a royal wedding.
(Not long after that) I bought some poetry books,
autographed them and gambled the profit
on a house (...winning.) SHALALALALA,
my poems make no sense

isn’t that right Van Morrison?
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i would agree.....don't do crack. unless it leads to awesome sets of lyrics like this. it's really original man. weird is good I guess. I very much approve. This is very well written.

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cool story bra.................somebody doesn't like Christianity, who woulda thought?

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Lol, This is Sig worthy my friend, Kudos to you and your wise-ass-ness
This didn't make any sense to me. I found the double entendre of 'single' amusing but other than that i found it random, and i didn't see a purpose in it's randomness. Unless this is intentionally non sensical (as the second last line would suggest) then i'm afraid i've missed the point.
idk im really drunk right now but im really feeling something from this, so visceral like that time when you wake up in the morning and make a pointless analogy.
Man, this was pretty cool... I don't know what to say really, in terms of crit.
I just wanted to say that because of its randomness and its "I'm not arsed" vibe, I found it to be one of the most enjoyable reads I've had on here!

Well done sir!