Im 22,Ive only been playing guitar for 3 years but Ive gotten pretty good because I practice alot.Anyway Ive played with alot of different guys who all seem to have there own view musically.

My view is to start the most awesome band ever,and that means practicing all day and rehearsing every day,I love all styles of music and I want to play with guys who arent biased against particular style.Living in the real world makes it very difficult to get where you want on the guitar or any other instrument because of all the bullcrap of life getting in the way.Id like if possible to be able to focus just on music but thats kinda hard if you want to eat.

So is there anybody who wants to be in the most awesome band ever?Im lookin for another guitarist,bassist,drummer,even a keyboardist and a front man would be cool.

If anyones somewhat interested Id like to just discuss this idea with them
Oh Also,Im not looking for the most awesome musicians in the world necesarrily,you dont have to be the best you just have to want to be the best really bad.So if your not that great yet,thats ok as long as you wanna be great,and id also prefer to play with somebody around my age.but if anybodys interested thats cool with me
Im based in maryland,but there is nothing really keeping me in maryland.I could move if I had to
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well it depends on whats in germany,and how serious the guys in germany are about music n stuff,that would be pretty drastic.
What sort of music are YOU specifically into playing? I ask that question because THAT would define the BASE of what you would play when you can think of nothing else creative. For instance: I am a very good rhythym player for playing intricate rhythyms both melodically AND technically, BUT that has me set squarely in metal/ballad territory when I can't think of anything so I would say I'm a "metal" guitar player. I'm based in FL, near Pensacola and I am able to collaborate via the web if need be so I'm willing to bounce ideas with you on this. I'm interested.
I would say Improvisation is probably my strong point,You could probably label me as a rock/metal guitar player when it comes down to not knowing what else to play.Even though I study jazz in college and I know alot of wierd chords,and can improvise over jazz standards as well.So maybe we would go good together

Cool,well if you have skype,facebook,or yahoo messenger we can bounce some ideas off of each other