So here's my idea, I got the like 18"x2"x4' plank of wood, I get a cheap bass bridge and neck, and a cheap guitar neck and bridge. My question is how do I cut a neck pocket?

I saw the guy from boris playing a custom double neck, since I'm playing bass and sometimes rhythm seemed like a cool thing to have around for cheap. cut it small like a rectangle or something, how big a gap between the necks do you think?
A router makes a neck pocket rather easily. If you can't get to a router, you can drill, chisel and sand one with a ton of work and much chance of total destruction.

Since you're playing bass most of the time, you could put the bass on the bottom. That would rock, since most double neck guitars have the bass on top. Since you are playing rhythm on the guitar, you might get away with having the two necks closer together than 'normal', which is about 6-9 inches. Also, consider not having them perfectly parallel, just an idea.
where do I find a template or make one? I have a squier P bass in pieces can I make one from that neck hole? and then I have a squier strat also conveniently in pieces same? 6 inches jesus I was thinking 3-4 I want this to be compact and small, not like I glued two guitars together. nonparallel sounds interesting but would require some lifting to play one of them.
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Whats MDF

Medium-density fibreboard
they have their places, can't cut them up. where does one buy MDF? is it styrofoam?
If you want it to be compact, I would go the steinberger route.


Cut your guitar/bass bodies in a similar shape to that, and glue them together. You could have one edge of the body that would end up on top less square if you wanted to investigate the non-parallel necks.

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Borrowed a router from my grandpa, but what Kind of bit would I need to dig down into wood? My friends dad is like Norm Abram and he said even he didn't have the right bit.

I was thinking the body would mostly be a cleaned up plank, maybe some cuts for fret access if any thing.

Btw anyone got a squier or similar cheap neck they are willing to part with for little money?