Hey guys,

This is my music page. All of the songs are written, played, and produced by myself (with a rather limited US-122 and Adobe Audition 3.0 setup). My mixing definitely needs a lot of work, but please let me know what you think of the songs! I'm really excited about the prospect of handing these and my several other W.I.P offline over to a band to see it kick into another gear. If you like what you hear, like the page! It helps me out a lot. If you like it but have criticisms, well that's why I'm here! I'm always looking to improve so let it rip!

The best indicators of my current sound are:

Beautiful/The Prophet
Stardust Shower
The Other Side

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Melodic Prophet
Before I say anything, I'd like you to know I'm not really a listener of your genres. But. I do generally appreciate good music, no matter the genre. I'm a metalhead, but I find the likes of Oh Land and Elton John appealing. You get the idea. Anyway

Stardust Shower was a nice piece. I also liked Musings of a Mad Genius. Although simplistic in a way, it felt pretty interesting and....well you've already described it in the title.

However, the playlist overall doesn't strike me as anything fantastic, you know. There's no significant impact for me. And the songs with vocals sound mostly the same. It's all mellow wailing. I suggest incorporating a heavier dose of distinctive melodies and not just your voice wailing above everything else.

As you may notice, the only songs I spoke in approval of were instrumental ones. Now, I don't know if it's just me (that I don't find the vocal style tasteful), or if your singing isn't up to par. In any case, more refreshingly creative melodies would definitely improve your songs.

Oh and yeah maybe it's got to do with the mixing. Sorry if this isn't the best feedback, but I'm in a hurry to go to the bathroom. Hope this helps though. Good luck
First of all, thanks a lot for your critique! It means a lot to me. Obviously I wouldn't really expect a metalhead to enjoy my music, so I'm not too crushed.

I am actually a singer by trade, you can hear me singing at full voice here to see that ability is absolutely not a problem: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YHfRGgtouEI

The choice of heavy falsetto use is a musical choice I recognize not all people like. I've received nothing but strong feelings one way or the other...people either love it or hate it. With that, I recognize the need to compromise, which thankfully, as I said, I'm more than capable of.

The vocals in many, many cases have been rushed, I must admit. The Prophet is probably the only song I consider to be close to a real attempt. These are not finished works mind you, so sometimes I'm just throwing a vocal melody on top so I can release demo versions of my incomplete songs. I did want to point out that while your observation of overuse of falsetto was fair you never complimented that point by giving an observation of songs like Chasing Clocks (which is an old, awful awful mix), A Love Song About Someone, and the beginning of the Prophet which are dominantly sung in chest voice.

Your critique is very fair and thankfully something I'm self-aware about. Thanks, again!
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