'Twas a few days before Christmas... and I'm standing in line at a secondhand store where I found this neat little electric guitar for really cheap. I'm at the counter, about to surrender my hard earned cash, when the man in line behind me pipes up. He (rather large and jolly, with white hair and a long, full, white beard) insisted on paying for the guitar. And he did. Really.

Then I heard him exclaim, 'ere he drove out of sight.. "Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good night".

All right I made up that last part. But he really did purchase it for me.. strange as that is..

Anyway, because I don't know much about electric guitars. I was hoping for some help. I've linked some pics. The make says "Granada" and the steel plate says, "Steel Adjustable Neck, Made In Japan, 764977". That's it.

Any info about the company, or the age of the guitar etc. would be appreciated!

All i know is,the body of the guitar is a jagstang with two single coils.Hope that helps.
Thanks a bunch.

I havent seen the two single coils on many guitars. It seems odd. After a crazy amount of not very effective online looking, I did find a guitar made almost exactly like it in different colours. The make of that guitar was an Aria 1802T.

I've heard Aria and Granada are probably linked back to Matsumoku? I checked all through their forums but it seems hard to get a date or even find anyone with a guitar like mine.
Yup, looks like an Aria 1802T that has been tidied up and new pickups put in and maybe new knobs. They date from around 1970-71. Pretty much the same guitar was sold under a variety of labels - Aria, Univox, Lyle and mine is a Toledo (which is what I think they were branded for a music chain in Canada) - and now Granada. Two single coils, a pickup selector switch, tone and volume knobs and what is varyingly called a treble boost or a bass boost switch. They made a 3 pickup version numbered as an "1803T"
They made one with a different headstock for Epiphone listed as the ET-270 which was supposed to be one of the many used by Kurt Cobain.
Sometime between manufacture and about 1977 someone replaced the neck single pup on mine with a humbucker. A much different sound.




Ignore the date and price on this ad in the second link - the guy is way out of whack on the date and the price... I've seen them go on eBay for the $300-$400 range.