Hey guys, this is my first thread on Ultimate Guitar (so please don't hurt me)
Im an 18 year old uni student, playing bass in an alternative rock band. Now i've finally gathered some ki-zash to get a bass amp (as I've had to borrow other bands' gear) However, my music tastes differ, from alternative like Radiohead and The Subways to August Burns Red and Children of Bodom to punk like The Clash.

Currently, the band has started gigging, and for me, I want to be able to provide strong solid sound, maybe to try surpass my guitarists Fender Frontman 212R (: some of my bass lines carry the song...
Im living in NZ, so please note, this is in NZ dollars.

My current budget is 800 bucks, and I'm stuck between two amps- The Fender Rumble 150 and the Warwick Sweet 152.
The Fender Rumble 150 stands at 800 NZD, while the Warwick is 600.
From what I've heard, Warwick are pretty solid when it comes to bass gear, where as Fender have the renown and reliability one has come to expect from the major brand. I've played both on my ESP LTD AX-104, but I had limited time available. Both sounded excellent, and the Fender got me excited with its distortion capabilities.
But at the end of the day, I don't know what I get for dollar value, nor the amps full capabilities. I've read reviews on both, but they come back the some, both great amps.

I'll indeed get some more play time, but I'm here to ask you this; If you were in my shoes, what bass amp would you get? Is Fender's rumble worth the extra 200NZD? Which amp would you take gigging?

*alternative like Radiohead and The Subways to METAL like August Burns Red and Children of Bodom to punk like The Clash
Just for reference, 800 NZD is just under $650 for you yanks.

That said, over here we get shafted by tax so it doesn't translate properly sometimes.

Here's where he'll be headed.

Also, here's one of their latest performances.
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look on craigslist and in pawn shops, for that price, you might be able to score a much better used amp.
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Unfortunately, we don't have a craigslist (or at least, one that's ever been used by anyone)
trademe.co.nz is our only major site, we don't even have an ebay. Closest one is Aussie's.

The second hand shops are an idea, there's a couple in the area. They're not fantastic but we'll probably take a look.

Any feedback on the brands/amps themselves? Suggestions for alternatives?

We've also got musicworks, which carries Ibanez, hughes and kettner, peavey and eden amps.
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Boss CH-1
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A fellow New Zealander! *high five*

Yeah, bass stuff here, especially amps are sooo expensive right?

Both musicworks, and the rockshop's stuff are pretty pricey, and for $800, you can't really get anything 'nice'.

My recommendation: head to guitarcenter.com, and I believe you can pick up an Acoustic B200 200W amp for $632.61 + $20 shipping fee, and have it shipped to NZ in 2-7 days. Head to the site, make sure you change the country setting to NZ and have a meander. Only downside is that, only certain items ship internationally, so make sure you look at ones that can.

Hope this helped a bit
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I have a Fender Rumble Bass Amplification, and its ****in' fantastic. it has a good sound, it can make you have a different sound depending on your settings(high mid, low mid, bass, treble, etc) you can plug in headphones in case you needed to. Active/passive friendly. and it has little wheels so carrying it will be less of a pain in the ass.

I wholeheartedly recommend it!!!

although,I have to admit, that I've only had 2 bass amps, and my old one was a complete shit, so maybe I'm exaggerating it's awesomeness.
Thanks for the info guys!
@ m!ghty G.I.R oh man you're making me really want that amp haha, but just have to ask, have you gigged with the amp? Is it's 150w enough for a small-medium size gig?

And yea the amp I was playing before this to practice with was a vox da 15...dude it was a guitar amp...not good...
Well I have a Rumble 150 and I highly reccomend it. it seems nigh on indestructable, and its extrememly robust. I play mainly clean bass sounds through it, with an active bass, and I'd have to say that if you were going to play overdriven bass sounds, a pedal would be better then the in built overdrive. That said, the mid scoop button and punch button are handy for tweaking your tone just that little bit if need be.

I reguarly jam with a guitarist with a Frontman 212R and a drummer, and it cuts through easily. I've gigged smaller venues with said musicians and it performs admirably under those circumstances.

Its a good in-betweener from small practice amps and full on tube amps. Not weak, but not too overpowering, dont get me wrong though, you can get the room shaking.

In saying all this, I dont have any experience with the Warwick.
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I'd go with Fender. For some reason I feel more comforatble with the name. and I use 175 Watt Line 6 lowdown. So I don't have any doubt in my mind that 150 watts shouldn't cut it.