Recently finished recording a song that has been in the works of months now.

Take your pick.

Originally, I had seen this to be an all acoustic track, but ended up messing around with it so much I lost track of what I had originally been recording. Probably my most experimental song yet. I really like it, but I know I could have done a lot more with the direction I was trying to go for.

This is also the first track i've recorded since having major throat problems.
(Huge fight that led to me getting hit hard in the throat. Lots of healing.)
The screams are the best I could do at the time.

This song has a lot of meaning to me as a person and as a musician.

Anyway, any critiques are highly appreciated; good and/or bad.
Don't hold back; be honest. :]

Critique for critique as always!

Thank you for your time.
Hey I like this track. The acoustic pattern is nice. It seems a little off beat at times though. Particularly the lead. Also, you should turn up the vocals in the verse. The chorus volume is good. It seems a little odd that you have curse words in this kind of quiet serene song. Also, the screaming. haha but I guess its music so there are no restrictions. Duuuuude, I like the like rapish part. That's may favorite part.
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Wow. Dude this is phenomenal! Everything sounds good in it man, the only thing I would say is raise the volume of the vocal tracks, I wish i could have heard what the lyrics were saying. The whole song clashed together very well, it reminded me a little of C&C i dont know why. So the only things I would say are the vocals need to be raised a little (i understand you're coming off of a throat injury) and possibly, lower the volume of the drum track? I feel like that would help a little bit. I hope I could help.

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Let me know what you think.
Track sounds great to me man, Suggestions are to decrease the volume of the bass drum by a small amount, remove those weird panned scream? vocals, and maybe add some harmonies? Also, vocals sounds muffled, but your voice is good. Maybe a better mic?
Amazing track really like the guitar. I like the double tracked vocals but the drums could use some work. I think the planned growls/scream are a bit iffy but understand your trying to get a dynamic maybe a different type of scream would fit better or even dropping it. I only say drop it as the song is strong enough to stand up without, maybe you add a heavy bit at the end and save all the screaming for the end as a climax finish?

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Well, I guess I'm the only one that doesn't really like it. You said to be honest, so here I go.

Personally, I think the screams were pretty bad. They sounded like whispers, the vocals were too quiet and pathetic sounding besides that. Sing out a little more. I couldn't really hear much of the lyrics, but what I did hear was kind of pretentious and otherwise just dumb.

The recording itself was a little off beat, practice playing with a metronome or click track more often.

The song overall never really built up to anything. No dynamics whatsoever. You NEED to incorporate vibrato into your lead playing. It was relatively clean, but on the notes that were held out, it was really painful. There was one note in particular that just didn't agree with the chord progression, it was a little weird, but not off-key or anything.

3 things that make me like a guitarist:
1. Good tone
2. Vibrato
3. Good timing

There we are, honesty at it's finest.