I'm not sure if this is the right thread but I dont care, I need an answer quick.

Basically my band is using backing tracks live now, and ive routed the left stereo field (Click Track) to my drummers stereo headphones, this naturally means that the click is only in one of his ears, and the right stereo field (the backing track) comes out the P.A. everythings working fine and everything, but basically my drummer wants to be able to hear the click track in both his headphone monitors,

So i need to change his auxillery channel send from stereo to mono, so he gets the same signal in both ears,

Ive found this small adapter


does anybody know if it will work? and if it doesnt, can you suggest anything else?
An adaptor like that would work. But you need it the other way. Something that converts stereo (female) to mono (male) in whichever sizes you need (1/8-1/4 or 1/4-1/4).
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