|-------- 3----------5---3-|----7---7--------------------|---10BU(12)------12(p)10---10---------||

OK crude drawing i know but its the best i could do.

so im playing this bluesy riff. but im getting a bit tied up on my alternate picking and unsure how best to go about it. if i play it outside alternate picking. down pick on the bend and then shud i up pick the 8? and then up pick the next 12? for the pull off?

its the picking on the 8 then g string 12pull off to 10 that im a bit confused at with my picking.

any help on this would be great ty shud i down pick or up pick the pull off?
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please feel free to copy and paste my tab and put under or somthing where youd put your up strokes and down strokes.
Agreed^ You shouldn't limit yourself to only alternate picking, many guitarists trap themsleves in a box thinking that alternate picking is the only way, but if you look at any skilled guitarist they use a variety of seperate up strokes, down strokes and alternate picking. Whatever feels easiest to you and what sounds and feels the most fluid and smooth will most likely be the best way to play that song.

|-------- 3----------5---3-|----7---7---------------------|---10BU(12)------12(p)10---10-------------------||

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Hummm... When I look at it, it seems like you should try: in the first barre (idk how to say it in english) a lil bit alternative picking, then some economy, and in the end sweep =). Kinda ez when you do it this way. Cheers =)
You also have to take into account rhythm. Sometimes you can maintain the alternating pattern if it makes sense rhythmically, but break off from alternating when the rhythm isn't uniform or has gaps in it. I think feeling the right stroke is necessary here.