Anyone else on here like (or heard of) Placebo? They are one of my top 3 favourite bands (alongside Muse and Radiohead). I think their best albums are Placebo and Without You Im Nothing. My favourite song changes, but i especially like Without You Im Nothing. Anyway, heres a place to talk about this fantastic band.
I used to be really into Placebo. They're still pretty cool, I guess. My favourite records were always the self-titled and Meds.
My name is Matt. Love me.
Placebo's such a perfect band ! i mean i used to listen to their music when i was like 6 or 7 years old ! and the past summer i saw them on stage in France and i had the opportunity of meeting Brian Molko .. And i think that Battle For The Sun is pretty different from the old records and it brokes that wrong vision that people have on placebo ... 'Gay Nirvana?'
I love all their music .. but i really really adore Sleeping With Ghosts ! and i loved the covers they made ( Daddy Cool, Where is My Mind, Running Up That Hill, 20 Century Boy ......)
FINALLY ! Placebo Are ****ing awesome