I'm very new to recording, just so you know.

Anyhow, my acoustic guitar has a cable from the into a Korg D4 Digital recorder. The guitar has a fresh battery. When I started I didn't have a problem, but now I get a humming sound on the recording. It will go away if I touch the end of the cable, but obviously I need too hand to play the guitar.

I'm pretty certain I've not changed anything in the set-up. If I take the cable out of the guitar and lay it down, there is no humming. I've tried different cables and I get the same issue.

Now, I'm sure I can edit out this humming, but that's not the point as it worked fine before. Does anybody have any idea how I can solve this? Thanks.

Edit: I plugged in my electric guitar and there isn't an issue. So I'm presuming something has changed on the acoustic...
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its a ground issue with your acoustic
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You'll have to bear with me. I can play a guitar, but that's about it. How can I solve a ground issue. I've taken the jack out and nothing is loose\detached that I can see.

Edit: I think I should probably ask in Guitar Building and Customising. Thanks.

2nd edit: I've fixed it now. Not sure how, I think possibly a bad connection with a grounding wire to the bridge.
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