I need the most protection for my guitar, while still being able to ride my bike with it. I can't find any hard shell case with backstraps, so i guess my best bet is a soft case. Both my guitars are lp-shaped and i don't expect to get a new one any time soon. I found a couple on thomann that look interesting but i'm unable to try them so i'd like to get some opinions:


http://www.thomann.de/gb/protec_contego_eguitar_case.htm (universal shaped)


The rockbag straps seem less comfortable than the others so i guess it's really between the skb and the protec.

Can i get your opinions? Also if you know of others in the same price range in europe please recommend. Thanks
i use a ritter super-pak for my ltd ec-1000 which has the les paul body
it's really comfortable and padded like a tank
you should check them out
ritter do some other really nice gig bags too!
The rockbag one looks like it has the most comfortable straps
And the first link doesn't have the back pack straps. So you'd have to carry it by the handle.
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"The rockbag one looks like it has the most comfortable straps"

then i guess it's a matter of preference, i really don't like back straps with the metal "thing" they rotate a lot.

Sorry i didn't realize the skb doesn't have back photos on thomann:


Jake i see ritter bags fall within the price range. Can you compare them to the skb or protec ones?