im thinking about getting a bass guitar, but i dont want to spend more than #300 or $400 on a bass and amp. should i get a value package or should i buy a cheap bass and amp separately?
The amps that come with packages usually do nothing but distort and rattle. Your price range can get you a good starter bass like the Peavey Millenium and a bass amp like the Behringer 1 X 12 combo. That would be sufficient for most practice / church gigs. I use a cheap Ibanez 35 watt 10 inch speaker in church and have no problems. Rondo Music also has some decent basses for under $200. Acoustic has a couple bass amps for under $200. Any of these would be better than the starter packages.
4 hunge USD should get you a VM Jazz and one of those Acousic B10 or B20 things new. You'd do better if you went all craigslist and shit. Assuming you mean USD of course.
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If you want a modern tone a Ibanez GSR200 and a Acoustic B20 could fit in your budget.
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Ibanez GSR200 or a Squier Vintage Modified Precision or Jazz, and a Peavey MAX 158 for the amp. That should fit your budget nicely and kick the snot out of any starter pack.
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im thinking about getting the Rogue LX200B Series II Bass Guitar... can you use a normal amp with a bass or do you need a amp for a bass
i definatly dont suggest one of those package deals >.< i have a package deal bass and it's got fret buzz out the wazoo.
hit up ebay, they have....well, everything.
try a fleabass :] or a yamaha, ive heard good things about those two. or better yet, go to a music store and check out what you want and play around with it, then hit up ebay and see if you can get a better price on the one you want :]