Thought it would make an interesting topic:

If you're like me you've probably a bunch of potential projects and mods in your head or on the backburner that haven't come to fruition due to lack of time, money, tools, equipment etc. And some people may never hear or see...

It'd be interesting to see what people would like to do, whether it be a mod, build, paintjob or anything.

Here's mine:

Black sg build with cross inlays and custom headstock inlay.

Airbrushed RG

Bass build

Electric Mistress pedal.

Post your ideas and potential projects.
make some money to buy tools.
get the motivation to build more stuff.

im pretty much up for building whatever my mind wants at the time i start. atm im building a telecaster, awhile ago i wanted a firebird.
Restore a 1950s Framus
Restore a 1980s superstrat
Fix my Strat
Restore a 1960s/70s Tiesco
Restore a 1980s P-Bass copy

I wish I had some money.
Guitar Wise:
Build a Telecaster
Build a Les Paul
Design a G-bender system
Buy tools to do all of the above

Design a discrete CA3080 that doesn't sound like crap
Design a submicron CA3080 replacement and test it out... find a company that wants to buy the design
Design a pickup winder
Buy tools and a desk for when I move to my new place

Wind pickups... lots of pickups
Experiment with magnets to try to use less wire to get similar output
Be awesome

Build a heead cab for my new amp
Rebuild old Fender Brown Deluxe
Design and make a parts sheet for Jason's amp
Find parts for the Little Tiger
Build my HiFi Amp
Build a rocket with reverb
Find a machine shop to make multiple chassis

Design overdrive, distortion, delay, chorus, boost, and wah circuits
Build them

Graduate from college this semester
Pay rent
Start working full time
Save for wedding....

As you can see.... the others take up a lot of my spare time and money...
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I need to finish my shit.

You mean that green guitar? It'd be great to see that done.

Quote by Doonan
make some money to buy tools.
get the motivation to build more stuff.

im pretty much up for building whatever my mind wants at the time i start. atm im building a telecaster, awhile ago i wanted a firebird.

Yeah, i'm the same with the money problem, plus I change my mind a lot and most of my stuff will probably never happen by the time i do get the cash. I saw your tele project though, hope to see that finished.

Edit: Holy crap ^
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Wind PAF replicas for my Flying V
Build Modernes in the following styles/layouts
-Tele layout
-Strat Layout
Get/Build Pedalboard
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Kh602 ltd- new pickups, knobs, painted floyd nut, maybe a mirrored pickguard.
1983 tokai random star-ferrari red refinish,maybe on a floyd install, etc...
Ltd m15-body cut into a reb beach style possibly, new hardware, new pups, desert yellow finish?
Js kelly-cut into a mord extreme looking random star, bright finish, new hardware, new pups, possible floyd.
Bc rich ironbird 1- new finish, new pups, new hardware, possible floyd.

Alotta money, and a hellova lotta time, both of which I may have after afghanistan.
LTD KH-602
LTD M-15
Schecter Hellraiser FR (for sale w/hsc, pm me.)
BC Rich Bronze WarCock
BC Rich Ironbird1
Tokai Voyager
Jackson JS30 Kelly
Vester: Metal flake gold/black crackle
Vester: rainbow crackle
Carvin V220
Acquire, and upgrade, a Vox AC4TV.

Put GFS electronics and Wilkinson bridge in my Strat.

Build another Superstrat, this one with a heavier-sounding bridge pickup and a thinner neck than the last one.

Somehow sell my disastrous Frankentele.

Learn to file frets.

Sell all my pedals (except my wah) and board and build a new, tiny board with 3-4 pedals (versus the 8 I'm using now)

Build a Matchless Lighning clone...?
Gibson ES-137C
Parker P8EN
AC Custom Special P Bass
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Finish my explorer.
Make a jtm 45.
Make a pickup winder with an old calculator and a drill.
Put a resistor and a cap in my fuzz so it stops picking up AM radio.
Reglue the bridge on someones old acoustic and do a fret job a and set up.
Random pedal builds. I think a Ross compresser is next on the list. Just did a fuzz factory.
Make a sustainer.
Set up my strat again, shim the neck pocket and the nut. Install fancy electronic gizmos.
Build a pedalboard
Was lacking a decent sig. Still is.
Finish off my Tele
Build a small amp into an old tube radio
Build a cab to match it
Finish this Foxx Tone Machine clone
Retube and cap-job my o-scope
Test out circuits for the EF86 and 7GV7 pentodes
Use my tube breadboard to test some preamps
Redesign the output and mixing section on a chorus pedal design
Build my own amp
Replace pickups in my:
Jackson Rhoads
Epi Goth Explorer

Get New neck for Jackson Rhoads
Epi Goth Explorer
Schecter Demon 7
Jackson JS30 Rhodes (modded)
Line 6 POD HD500
Roland Cube 60
Telemaster build (Can NOT find a body to use) :'(
if not this then

Telecaster build

DS1 mod
MIM Tele
Fender Blues Jr NOS
Schecter Omen 6
Squier Strat
Greg Bennett Acoustic
other crap...
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Build a custom strat (happening this summer)
Build a custom flat-top superstrat w/ some kind of figured stain
Build a proper les paul next time round

Build a couple pedals, get into doing that

Would like to start building amps too, maybe have a custom shop setup for those and guitars.
Ball Custom Mark I

Korg Pitchblack > Dunlop Crybaby wah > mODDball audio Green Bastard > Marshall GV2 Guv'nor Plus > EHX Holy Stain > MXR Phase 90 > MXR Carbon Copy

Jet City JCA20h
Epiphone Valve Jr.
Blackstar HTV212
Locate a bandsaw
Complete guitar

Rewire my 7 string
Paint and rewire my little strat
Paint my first act, upgrade parts
Assemble other guitar

My things:
Bowes SLx7
Washburn WG587
Washburn X40Pro
Washburn X50
Washburn HM24
Washburn WR150
Laguna LE200s
Arietta Acoustic
First Act
Valveking 112
VHT Deliverance

buy nice maple fb strat neck
buy gold machine heads
buy gold strap pegs, screws, jackplate
buy aged pickguard and plastics
buy electronics
buy stock fender pickups from friend for £30

attach gold bridge to guitar
attach the rest of the stuff to the guitar

rock out on new parts-caster
Sparrow Twangmaster Telecaster
G&L Legacy Stratocaster

Korg Pitchblack > Fuzz Face > Tubescreamer -> Crybaby -> Modded SD-1 -> Big Muff -> Phaser -> El Capistan -> TS-1 Tremolo/Stereo-Pan

Vox VT20+
First Build - Tele

Next Build - Flying V

Next build - Les Paul style

Customize current LP
Acquire cheap, stupid looking BCrich "warlock" or whatever to customize....(i know someone that wants me to, then he wants to buy it off me..lol..kids these days...)
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Finish fixing my acoustic headstock brake
Finish my telecaster build
Finish my electric ukulele build
Build a warlock bass
Build a fire bird with a Floyd rose
Build a custom commission build
Build a thunderbird
Build a custom commission build
Build some pedals
Build a custom commission build
Sell some pedals
Build 2 Les Paul’s
Find someone who wants a custom guitar built for them.
Build a jcm800

That is no particular order except the first 5
Most important:
- Finish building my cab (rough cut has been done, but that still needs sanding down etc and screwing together).
- Finish building my head (almost done, just needs a bit more soldering work to be done).
- Finish the 5 string bass (wood has arrived, along with 4 tuners. Design done bar the headstock).
Not so important:
- Swap out pickups on my bass
- Re-do the clear coat on both of my strats (I used the wrong paint, and its waaaaaaaaaay too soft unfortunately).

These are all on hold due to a-levels, starting in less than a month. Then i'll have 3 months before uni to complete the top three and hopefully, money permitting, complete the bottom two as well.
Build a 2x12
build a fuzzface
get laid
Peavey 6505 120W Head
Ibanez Rga32 (FOR SALE)
Laney Lv412a Cab(FOR SALE)
Soon To Get::
Boss DD20
Morley Bad Horsie II
My list is just for my SX strat.

Add a BWB Pickguard
DFG 81 in bridge and DFG Single Active in neck.
Kill Switch
Fret Level
Take the orange clear coat off the neck to see the true color of the maple neck and fretboard.
Add Allparts saddles
Graphtech nut
Cut headstock to shape of Telecaster headstock.
Locking machine heads.
LP Black Knobs
3 way toggle switch.

And it will have my logo placed on headstock where the SX Logo is.