What kind of guitar should I get for playing music like Within the Ruins, but I don't want a 7-string because I know thats what they play with. What guitar plays good in Drop A- Drop C? Im looking for a guitar thats about $400-$500. Im leaning towards buying a Schecter. Any suggestions?
shecters are nice, but u can also try esp ltd, jackson, bc rich or even ibanez
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schecter, ltd, ibanez, jackson, schecter, used esp, used anything with EMGs...

or a schecter.
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As far as I know Within The Ruins doesn't play with seven strings. Anything with a 25.5 scale length should be good so the Schecter would be fine. Or possible look at an Ibanez RGD with it's 26.5 scale length
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Anything with a 25.5" scale can handle drop tunings find if you set it up right, for dropped tuning I use a £200 'used' (was a year old and virtually untouched) Ibanez with some used (but great sounding) Seymour Duncan Blackouts, making the total around £290 and it sounds fantastic
The definition of heavy metal isn't really including drop A and drop C tunings :p
As a heavy metal fan i'd say it concerns bands like judas priest, black sabbath, Kiss, motorhead, or metallica and megadeth after 1992.

I'm a purist

Schetcher is good for everything that's heavy, better build than a BC Rich. Go for it
And yeah anything with EMG.

Maybe theres some extreme metal pick ups by Dimarzio?
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Any guitar that's set up for it and there are very few guitars that come set up for those tunings from the factory so if you want those tunings you'll probably want the shop you get it from to set it up before you take it home.
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The above-mentioned "anything with EMG's" is a false statement. There are maaany brands out there that make metal guitars. Knowing what you want is important, do you want a tremolo or hardtail? What shape? Big or thin necks?

But when it comes to Schecter as you've mentioned, I've personally never tried one, but I've heard good things about them, you should definitely check them out.

Good places to look beyond Schecter are:

  • Ibanez RG's
  • Jackson Guitars
  • ESP/LTD have various ranges of guitars, they usually make copy guitars though, so you should be able to find your prefered shape among them

  • Not a big fan of B.C riches, but I know they have decent stuff around your price range
  • You could also check out Epiphones, they don't make that "metal" guitars, but they should still do the job, downtuning them might not be the most prefered though

  • Dean VMNTX