I've searched all over the web for some schematics for my particular situation, but to no avail.

I'm looking for a wiring diagram for an HSS setup with one tone pot and one master volume pot. I intended on having a 500k push/pull pot for the volume that would activate the bridge pickup to acheive the bridge+neck and all pickups simultaneously being activated.

All I have found is a schematic for coil-tapping the humbucker rather than merely activating it. :\

Any help in finding a diagram for my aforementioned situation would be greatly appreciated!

Also, this will be my first time undertaking an electrical mod on one of my guitars, so any suggestions or helpful pointers will not go unheard either.

please use the wiring thread for all wiring questions. if it isnt on the front page, you can find a link to it in the essential links sticky. thanks.