Hey guys whats up

Budget: preferably under 300$ (maybe even 250$)

Genre: Classic Rock, Metal, Blues, Country, Contemporary Rock

Epiphone Les Paul Standard Plus (ill get more onto this in a minute)
Line 6 Spider 4 15w (ok, please no hate and just answer the question i'll be asking soon. I AM upgrading my amp in the next month or two to probably a Blackstar or Peavey amp because they'll be in my budget as well)
Digitech RP355

Idols: Carlos Santana, Jimmy Page, Eric Clapton, Kirk Hammet, Tony Iommi, Zakk Wylde, Randy Rhoades, Joe Walsh, Dimebag Darrell

Alright guys, im not good at specs or anything technical when it comes to Pickups, so im letting you all take the wheel on this one. What exactly would be the best pickups to buy for my Les Paul? I've been told by ALOT of people to check out Painkillers and the Nailbomb, but would it be better to go with a really high output pickup over a low output pickup?

(about the Les Paul, i know almost anything will effect Pickup tone, so here it is. My Les Paul is generally on the darker toned side. Currently it sounds extremely muddy, which i dont like at all...im blaming this on the pickups mostly thats why im changing them out. The Les Paul is a good guitar, but currently, im not impressed with its pickups)

the closest city i live by is Louisville Kentucky for those who scan craigslist

EDIT: heres the main site in case you want to see the pickups (look at Humbuckers)
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Have you tried that guitar in a different amp, changing pick ups is´nt always magical.
ya i have...i've tried the guitar in a Vox Night Train and it still sounds muddy (thats why i basically blamed it on the pickups)

EDIT: ive tried it in a night train and a Egnater Tweaker
I have the NAilbomb in a Jackson, I really like it. Much improvement over the stock Duncan Designed JB knockoff
It might also be the wood's tone. Some guitars are made cheaply that no matter what, it still sounds like ----.

To answer your question, look at the first 8 from the list on their website that you linked us to. Then google some clips of these pickups, narrow it down to 3-4 that you really like and head to the BK seller. They're likely to be helpful if you know what you're looking for.

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I'd say go the nailbomb. I love all my bareknuckle pups, definitely worth buying.