The ice breaks your face it melts,
right through my hands
this fire so fake, this heartache
drifting through these veins

and though it's killing me softly
i can't seem to turn my back
and even though it all fell through
i'm pretty sure i know
just where my heart is at
and i rolled over in my bed
just to know that have lost my head

i'm cleaning out my closet; i'm pullin back the blinds
this night is dragging on
i think it's time to cut the lines
just a little deeper it's such a dangerous tie
crawling on the floor the right words
won't seem to rhyme

we'll go home in the summer
drink out of paper cups
we'll leave in the winter
when the wheather gets to rough
but when the blur wears thin
we'll start to grow apart
we've learned we know everything
and there's nothing left to say

damn what was i thinking?
that this was something good
and you were worth the sinking,
feeling in my stomach
whenever you go down
but damn you're just so good
whenever you're around

death doesn't seem so big anymore
i could fit it in my hand
and walk around with a smile
as fake as the words you
whispered in my ear,

love doesn't live here anymore