The top joint on my pointer finger gets sore when I play the following:


That kind of stuff. I think it's because I'm locking the joint of my finger to hold the barre.

I can solve the problem by slightly curling my finger toward the bridge of the guitar. But that's a little awkward and not possible to do when playing that pattern higher on the neck.

How should I be playing this.
I actually noticed I do the same thing while doing sweeps like this one:

- 00000013 16p13

So I hold the 3 high strings with a barre that's uncomfortably pressing the first digit of my pointer finger onto the fretboard.
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Sounds like you're pressing down too hard. Lighten up a bit, you need to use the smallest amound of pressure you can get away with. And make sure your entire finger is straight when you barre.

Also, never barre sweep arpeggios
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do you crack your fingers sometimes? because i've had this too, but since i've stopped cracking my fingers it was gone for me.
I suggest cracking your fingers too, especially that joint. When I go to play anything, I have to crack mine.
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He said don't crack em,and please don't,this can cause some serious injuries if you do this as a 'routine'.
Lighten up the touch,as stated at the top
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Yes straight with barre, AND on hammer-ons the fingers should not be on an angle or come down on an angle, it should be straight and come down using the top of it, not that pad in front. The padding on top. Make sure nails are cut very low so you can use the top of the finger.
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