How are they, do any of you own them?
Some guy just offered them to me, to use with my egnater tweaker

apparantly, from what ive read theyre the budget versions of the v30's
but theyre made in china i think.
can anyone shed some light?
Does anyone know how I would be able to test them out If I take a tube head with me?

I dont want to buy them to find out theyre blown or something.

Can you tell if theyre blown just by looking at them?
a 9v battery should be fine.
Just touch the battery leads to the speaker contacts.
Polarity doesn't really matter.

And of course, visually inspect for tears.
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A thump or a click. Look closely and you should be able to see the speaker move.
Someone else may have a better idea though.
But the 9v thing is a common way to test.