Hey !
Well basically i plugged into my fathers macbook pro with the audio interface.
Plugged straight in to start finding a great metal lead sound for metal backing track .
Well basically there was like 5 amps, i chose mesa recto . And as i chose it, the sound that came from there was like ********************* . Like seriously . It fas fizzy jizzy buzzzy - whatever . If you throw a tube amp away from the 9.floor window , it would make a better sound than the virtual mesa . I tried so many settings and other amps but still it was hopeless . So , i am really sure that it is possible to get a decent sound put of the garageband and i hope u guys can help me out .

Also thought about getting some line 6 pod to record with . Could you recommend me some ?

Thanks !!
as much as i love recording ON a mac, i would NEVER use Garageband for my guitar tones. i was fiddling with it a while ago, and wasnt happy with any features in GB. i would suggest anything from line 6 to start with. good tones to start recording with and easy to figure out. if you have some spare cash, i would recommend guitar rig or amplitube.

what kind of features are yo ulooking for?
if it was THAT bad maybe you were peaking/clipping somewhere along your recording chain?
regardless I don't love the GB virtual tones personally, I just go Guitar -> Amp -> Interface -> basic track and I can get pretty great tones out of that (especially after playing with reverb, compression, etc) hope that helps! If not, i also hear good things about guitar rig and amplitude
ok thanks . gotta look something used . Is there some massive difference between them ? coz i dont have lots cash to spend .