The screaming doesn't sound bad to me, but it sounds like it might be too forced, so it might hurt his voice in the long run. I agree with the stage presence, but otherwise, good show
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Yeah usually his screams sound really good, he may have been nervous. or its cuz we ate a lot of ice cream before the show xD

there wasnt much we could do for the stage. I was the only one with wireless, so i kinda moved a bit. but what sort of things would you suggest to improve stage presence?
Ice cream before a show probably isn't the best idea

You don't necessarily have to have wireless gear to have stage presence. As long as you know where your cords are and don't trip over them/pull them out, you'll be fine. You could try things like synchronized headbanging during certain parts (would have worked well during the intro to Your Betrayal) or maybe lifting the guitar up while playing every once in a while. Maybe a hop or two. But nothing too wild. Whatever you do, just don't look bored.