Hey, I'm a guitarist, but supposedly one day I pick up a bass...any recommendations? haha xD Basically nothing too pricey, so I'll probably get something second hand? I'm sorta feeling a jazz bass as a good bass to start out with but what do you guys think? Any ideas?
Have a look at the list in the FAQ.
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My first bass was a squire affinity P-bass for about $150 served me well till I traded it in for a 5 string Stagg (kinda low end but needed cheap 5 string :P) a squire Jazz bass could be cheap enough for you. Don't let the name squire scare you off like most musicians. Some are really good. Well yet again some should have not came outta the factory.
I just got a Squier Jazz Deluxe 4 string. Easy to play on and relatively cheap.