Hey guys,

Heres a track I recorded at home would be grateful for any input. I'm working towards an album so need your help on whether it should make it and anything else!

Listen Here or my Website

Its acoustic Folk one called Suffer no More

Suffer No More

My soul’s been haunted by the sun

It’s been trying hard not to hide

But the world kept it inside

And the shadows they deepened in my mind

Shattered words that never were said

Are the ones that imprint on my head

But in the silent evening she knocked at my door

And she promised me, I will suffer no more

Light bends and it scatters on her face,

Un-veiling a love to find

Leaving the darkness behind

To the widowed silence I must toast

Its a long time spent in the dark

When your never making you mark

But Then In the silent evening she knocked at my door

And she promised me, I will suffer no more

She’s hearing my words, when I’ve nothing to say

We’ve unveiled the light, and forgotten our mistakes

The Scars are lost, and this head no longer sore

And its time, that I suffered no more

My soul been haunted by the sun

And there’s glass all over the floor

But I will suffer no more
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Wow, this is great. You have a freaking great voice, and the harmonies work out excellent. The production is pro-quality too. I like the synth/viola and the banjo, which really adds to the sound.

It also sounds like you've found "your" sound, so I say stick with that.

Really, I can't find anything to complain about, and that's not because I want to get an equally nice response, but because this is really great. Great production, voice and songs.

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I really liked it. Lyrics are great, playing is great, mix is great. Your voice is superb. I'll definitely give your other stuff a listen, and look forward to new stuff.

Keep it up dude
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Nice recording quality !

I like how the vocal harmony gradually comes in the background. really subtle, but works great. I think the last chorus could last a little longer. I was expecting the chorus to slowly build up to finish more intensly. But both ways works fine.

You have a nice voice, and a sound i like a lot. Can't find really much to critique.

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