I'm writing a piece for my A Level in Music. It's a brief which involves composing a concert study into a solo for an acoustic guitar. I should exploit the playing techniques and range of the instrument, and include a cadenza-like passage.

I'm struggling to get off my feet a lil here, i have ideas but don't know how to explore them. Can people recommend me some good solo acoustic pieces for influence?

Thanks for help!
I'm a total noob here, but I might be able to give you a little push. Hope I don't push too far into the wrong section though.

Normally, from what I speculate, blues and rock music have a bunch of solos, which you *can* transfer them into an acoustic version. Check out some acoustic artists on the internet, see how they play, then *try* to come out with your own.

I'm sorry if that didn't help at all, I'm just still a learner here mate.

But the beginning is an awesome solo. :P