Ordered a used MIM, got here yesterday and I got to work cleaning and setting it up. I was reshaping the nut and it broke -__- so i glued it back together!

Went to autozone to borrow an allen wrench, adjusted the neck, plopped a set of 13's on it, and Presto! Plays like a mother!

I cant wait 'til I have the cash to buy gold hardware, THEN It'll be sex

What do you guys think?

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thanks It was wine red, but i stripped it with a heat gun, and got a little impatient, as you can see in spots all over the body
But I liked the look of it natural, so i cleared it until I have the cash for some quality stain
beautiful! i miss my MIM strat. i may well end up with one again someday

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Looks very very nice!

I played a MiM in the shop a week ago, and It sounded just as good as my MiA!
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That looks really nice. HNGD man.
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Thanks men I was hoping it wasn't just me thinking it looked nice :P

The body's made of 6 pieces of alder, Im not sure on the veneer though, but it's super thin anyway. When I was stripping the paint It REALLY smelled like pine, but Im not sure if I was confusing the smell of the poly heating up. Is alder similar to pine?
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Quote by SKArface McDank
Is alder similar to pine?

there isn't enough pine there for it to matter. it's a very thin veneer.

from what i've read pine is a bit warmer than alder, but not much.
omg. that is the nices body ive ever seen on a strat. there is no way that is stock. i dunno what he did, but im liking it.

ps i feel bad for your fingers and your guitar bridge/neck - 13s??? yikes. but i bet they sound real good. there is no way i would ever play a 25.5 scale with 13s. hell no. but ill gladly listen to one!
Gold will go great with that red pickguard. And the burn marks look just fine. They're part of the story now, hiding them up would almost be dishonest.
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