Basically progressive music with metal, ambient, electronic, jazz, experimental, djent influences. I would appreciate tips on my sound quality/production, I'm still learning.

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very dark moody sound you have there ... there is quiet a lil dissonance goin on with the piano in the back ... maybe some tuning issues ? i like the sound on your New Demo rather more than on your older stuff ... it is much more brillant thou the guitar sounds a liitle bit sharp but that is just my oppinion ... the songwriting is moody and realy dark ... the drums sound realy nice but you there are a tad too much overheads in the mix for my taste ...

all in all i like this doomy djenty style ... you are definitely on the right track ... keep it going dude

for c4c ... here is mine https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1433421

Greatz M
Cool! I specially liked the progressions used on The Fallout, pretty dark stuff. Mix wise I think there's some clipping going on though, and I agree with Monsterhulk regarding the guitars: I like the tone but I think they do sound a little bit harsh. Also there's some really low, boomy frequencies during some parts The Metamorphosis which kind of overpower the music... but maybe that could just be my speakers.

But anyway, cool music mate, good job and keep it up!