im guessing grounding issue, but everything looks good to me. are there any points in specific that I should be looking at? its got 2 single coils with individual on off switches 1 vol 1 tone.
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Sounds like a ground wire from bridge issue.


Check the ground wire from the bridge (which enters the control cavity from it's wall)

If that looks ok, check continuity of the ground connection where the bridge ground wire connects.

I don't think it would be a problem with the connection between the bridge ground wire and the bridge post. If your guitar has a tremolo, a bad connection with the tremolo claw is feasible.

Even if connections are strudy and look ok, they may not work... but then they may work all of a sudden if you re-solder them back to where they were. I believe the technical term for this is a "gremlin" LOL (but seriously, happens all the time)
when i get it re assembled ill try and get a pic up, but i am really bad at getting pics.
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