So, after a few years, I finally broke my g-string last night (inb4thongjokes).
I'm looking to invest in some decent strings, what do you guys recommend?
If it helps, I play punk/jazz/metal.
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I like my EB's. Haven't really played many bass strings though.
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Blue Steels. They stay bright for a super long time. I've never used anything else.
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IDC if you but the inb4 think I will take advantage of this opportunity so here it goes, did you break ur G string while fingering A minor
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Many good ones out there. I prefer DR or SIT strings. I've had the Blue Steels break while installing them even though they do stay bright for a long time. After playing bass for over 30 years, I prefer the DR strings.
I like the Warwick EMP's I have on my LTD they stay bright for a long time.
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