not sure if this belongs here but seems the best fit for this question
so I'm moving out in a few weeks with a couple of buddys, one of which I'm in a band.
we have an extra room in the basement and deicided we would turn into a Studio/Jam room. we got like $1000 CDN together for the studio so I was just looking for suggestion on some gear(PA,mixer,ect) so we can get the most out of are budget.
here's the basic GG&A info fill out
Budget: $1000 CDN
Genre: Metal/Industrial
New or Used: I have no notion we're getting all the stuff at one store so either is fine
Home or Gig: mostly gonna be used for practice and recording but anything we could use live as well would be a bonus
We Live in Calgary, Alberta,Canada

Thanks again
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I could throw you some good ideals, Ive built my own home studio on about the same budget except for one thing, a computer. Do you want to record to a DAW and use mic's and DI's to record straight to, or do you want to use a mixer that you can record live too and mix/master and burn cds straight from that? because my suggestions would differ dramatically depending on your set up ( if you already have a computer with recording gear that would be clutch, if you plan on buying say an Apple just for recording, your gonna have to raise your budget about $2000)
I would rather stay away from Apple Products to be honest(too many compadability issues with every other brand) my computer has Reaper on it ATM but I'm going to school in september to be an audio techinician and the school use's Pro Tools mostly so I'll have to make a switch on software at some point.
Fender American Special Telecaster
Blackstar HT-5
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BBE Sonic Stomp
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two words
google it
thank me later
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Well it seems to me your not really intrested in making releasable cds, rather more of a jam room, with a pa for your singer(s) and the ability to record demos easily if you so choose. Assuming this is accurate one great way to buy new but save money would be to go through a supplier like Carvin http://www.carvin.com/ and look at their pa system Packages, that come with mixer, mains, monitors and even microphones, all great quality but skipping the middle man so you pay less. These package deals are great because even when buying used, $1,000 just wont stretch far when buying everything seperately. And if you want a recording option you could then easily add a Tascam recorder to the mixer, or run the mixer through an audio interface (m-audio, around $100) to your computer. Keep in mind it wont be a digital mixer so as far as post production you'll have at most a L and R track to work with and thats about it, but again, with the right knowledge you can still make live recordings sound amazing and it takes care of all your jamming and practicing needs as well. Also as a last thought, see if you can get some more money together or saved up for your budget, try for the 1500 range and you 'll have a little more room to work with