Hey im looking for some tone setting advice for finding some nice clarity and tone that i can pull off some nice sweeps and harmonics with. Is adjusting to make this capable done in the guitar or amp?

Well anyways i still need to find a nice tone for my amp set up which is a peavey 6505+ 1'12 combo I also have a MXR 10 band EQ and a Boss SD-1 how can i set these up along with the amp eq to find a suitable tone i like the old 80's metal tone quite a bit, i as of now am boosting mids and highs to almost full with lows on a bit 1 or 2 settings away from full, grain over half way and volume around 3-4

If able tone settings for rhythm channel as well as lead channel would be nice, lead channel is for jamming and playing metal and rhythm is more for practicing clean so please help me! I honestly hate my tone so thanks in advance!

Also I have a jackson RR24 and ESP SV guitars that i use if it makes much of a difference hehe

Also if you want to suggest some pedals or multi effects please do so I am looking into purchasing an ISP g string decimator for feedback reduction and what not.
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I tend to have low around 9 o'clock, mids around 2 or 3 oclock, highs either noon, 1 or 11 oclock.

Get a nice lead tone out of it with that.

However... There is a settings thread, and a peavey thread for such things
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not sure how much this applies to the plus version, but i can give some great pointers for the normal 6505

two great 6505 tips are A: the gain does NOT need to go higher than 2. the second is to keep your presence and resonance down all the way.

and also, don't scoop the mids, they are important in giving your sound some beef rather than just having insane hiss. hell sometimes i have my mids higher than the highs because it sounds better with some settings.

just experiment with the knobs till you find something good, but really the 6505 is a really straight forward amp.

a really good pedal that helps really get a stronger tone out of my 6505 is a boss GE-7, i just have the level slider up a little bit and i get a really nice sound.

in my opinion the plus version is just a 6505 with tighter and more controlled gain (which i like. i wish i had a plus instead)

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