I like to rub my hand up and down her neck,
And tease her with fingers.
I hold her gently and passionately,
Submitting to desire.
As I touch all the right places,
She lets out a scream;
And every guy I know
Has this kind of dream.
She's got a neck so trim,
So warm to the touch.
And sometimes when I get rough,
It's just a little too much.
I pop her G string
"Cause lord knows
I'm a wild thing!

The way that she wails sends me straight to hell,
Where I'm burning up from everything I've done.
Man, she corrupts with her little black pickup;
You know I never thought to run.
The fun has only just begun,
And I'm in the spotlight, away from the sun.

When he rubs his hand across my neck,
It sends shockwaves through me.
And when he finds all the right spots,
The feelings set me free.
Every girl in this world
Has this kind of fantasy,
But I'm the only lucky one
Cuz his hands were made for me.

The way he holds me in his arms,
I know I'm a special posession.
Everywhere that he's taken me,
God, so many confessions.
This is not what you would call love,
But sure this isn't hate.
And any man that can make me feel this way,
Is damn sure worth the wait.